About the Website

Robotics is an up and coming field that is popular among researchers and hobbyists alike. The goal of this site is to provide a learning environment that is intended to assist in robotics projects or any project in general. There is example code with explanations pertaining to a variety of subjects.

About the People

Jennifer Case

I have a Bachelor's Degree in Mechanical Engineering and am working towards a PhD in Mechanical Engineering with a focus in soft robotics. I have taken to coding all my projects with Arduinos as it is fast and easy to learn. I feel that having references when working on projects are important and helpful. The tutorials I submit are a reference to the work I have done that will hopefully help others when they go to work on projects of their own.

For my senior design project, I worked on building a robot named CAIDEN. CAIDEN is a mobile robot that can be interfaced for multiple purposes, but I feel that the parts that will make up the robot are more important than the goal. The robot can send and receive information from a Python GUI that runs on a laptop. The GUI tracks where the robot has gone and keeps track of different aspects of the CAIDEN.


Evan Boldt

I have a Bachelor's degree in Computer Science and a Master's in Mechanical Engineering. So, Arduino is something of a specialty since it combines the two. My thesis covered topics related to building and programming a quadrocopter.

I work at a Fanuc robotic automation integrator as a Controls Engineer.

I look forward to self-driving cars. I believe autonomous consumer cars is one of the most important achievable innovations of our era. It is a difficult problem, but think of all the lives that could be saved, accidents avoided, traffic jams alleviated, driving time better enjoyed, and even fuel saved by having perfect drivers in every car.

I build websites for fun. The most popular website I have made is SpreadUbuntu, which is an Ubuntu marketing material repository for DIY promotions. I've also built a Dropbox based HTML5 code editor called Cloud Edit.


Attempting to replicate any of these posts is done at your own risk. So don't hurt yourself or break your stuff trying to do what we do.

This website uses some very nice icons by Mark James called famfamfam Silk. They're Creative Commons 3.0 if you want to use them in your own project.